Service : Indonesia Visa

There are some types of VISA in Indonesia, depend on your purpose and needs. Some commonly use VISA, that should be proceed through Indonesian Immigration Office first, then Obtain Visa at the Indonesia Embassy abroad, includes:
* Business/Social Visa, index # B-211,
* Multiple Business Visa, index # D-212
* Limited Stay Permit Visa for working , index # C-312
* Family Visa, index # C-317 for KITAS holder

Our consultants will take care all the needed documents for your VISA, so you can obtain for your VISA in Indonesian Embassy. We will apply to government office to receive a confirmation letter (Telex VITAS/VTT) for your visa application. Then you should bring this confirmation letter (Telex VITAS/VTT) to Indonesian Embassy of your choice to obtain your VISA.


1. PT. Bahana Perkasa Putra receives the required documents
2. PT. Bahana Perkasa Putra Submit and process to relate government departments in Indonesia
3. Clients or PT. Bahana Perkasa Putra arranges documents at Indonesian Embassy
4. Clients enter Indonesia
5. PT. Bahana Perkasa Putra will continue with visa and documentation process until complete (for KITAS holder)

Processing time: 5 days

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Let us discuss how we can help you, and please feel free to contact our professional consultant if you have any questions.