Information : Requirements for Work Permits & Stay Permits ( KITAS )


There are some documents requirements, when your company would like to employ foreigner workers.
To process RPTKA, Notifikasi, Kitas, STM, SKTT, LKTKA documents required, as below:

Expatriate’s Personal Data Requirements:
1. Copy Passport (should be valid more than 18 months)For 12 Months KITAS
2. Graduation Certificate
3. ID Photo, with Red Background
4. Health Insurance Card (Insurance Card, Travel Insurance, Life Insurance)
5. Domicile Letter from Apartment Management/Owner
6. Certificate of Employment/Recommendation Letter for at least 5 years working experience

==> All documents must be colored copies.
==> Original documents may be required in some cases.

Sponsorship Company Documents Requirements:
==> If TKA online login is available, No 2 up to No. 9 are not required

1. For Representative Office :
• For the position of Assistant to Chief Representative: Letter of Appointment (LOA)
• For Chief Representative position: Letter of Appointment (LOA) Letter of Statement (LOS) , and Letter of Intent (LOI)
2. Company Articles of Association (AKTA) & MOLHR Approval (SK-Kehakiman) *
3. NIB from OSS
4. Business License (Izin Usaha) from OSS
5. Company's Domicile Letter from OSS
6. Company's NPWP
7. Compulsory Employment Report (WLK UU No. 7)
8. Investment Progress Report (LKPM)
9. Company Organization Chart
10. HR/GA Manager ID Card 〔KTP〕
11. Work Agreement between Foreign Worker and Company (If any) *
12. Counterpart Worker Appointment Letter *
13. ID Card (KTP) & Photo of Counterpart Worker *
14.The latest Statement Company’s bank account
==> # 2 : are not necessary for Representative Office
==> # 11, #12, # 13 : are not necessary for BOD & BOC