China Visa

China Visa

Are you planning to go to China for:

• Traveling or as a tourist ? 

• Working or business purpose ?

But you are very busy and you don't have the time, or you don't want to be bothered with the Chinese Visa processing process?


Please contact our Consultant immediately, so we will take care your China Visa quickly and at affordable prices. We will pick up documents, and return your passport with a Chinese Visa stamp on your passport.


For payment, don’t worry, you can pay:

  • For companies, can be paid after your visa is complete.
  • For individuals, the payment is 50% in advance, and the other 50% when the visa is completed.


Visa Categories


Visa Types

Major Purpose of Visit

Description of Visa


Commerce & Trade

Issued to those who are invited to China for commercial and trade activities.


As a tourist

Issued to those who are going to travel to China for tourism.


TOURIST & BUSINESS China Visa Requirements:

1. Latest original passport valid for 7 (seven) months. Make sure the passport is signed

2. Copy of KTP.

3. Copy of Family Card.

4. Photo size 3.3 cm x 4.8 cm = 2 pieces colored white background with a 70% face focus.

5. Forms that have been filled in and the original signature

6. Print Out Tickets (if any)

7. Hotel Confirmation (if any)

8. Letter of invitation from sponsor company in China (for Business Visa)

9. Power of attorney from those who want to go to the person who takes care of it


Chinese Single Visa validity:

30 days after entry


Duration of Process

Regular: 7 days

Express: 3-4 days

Rush: 2-3 days





Requirements For Multiple Visa to China:

If you want to get China Multiple Visa, then you must have been visiting China at least 3 times a year.