Service : KITAS (Limited Stay Permit)

KITAS or ITAS is Limited Stay Permit.

There are 3 (three) documents that you should have from Immigration Office during your stay in Indonesia for quite long time, as below:

1. Visa of Limited Stay Permit (VITAS or VTT)
Will adjust to the maximum duration of stay granted for your position, and will be calculated from the day you enter Indonesia.

VITAS/VTT approval is processed at the immigration office in Indonesia and the VITAS/VTT itself will be issued abroad by an Indonesian embassy of your choice.

You can work legally in Indonesia after you get your IMTA and arrive in Indonesia upon getting your working visa from Indonesian embassy abroad.

2. Limited stay permit (KITAS or ITAS)
Within 30 days you enter Indonesia with a limited stay permit or VITAS/VTT, it has to be converted to a KITAS/ITAS, and it’s valid for as long as your VITAS/VTT.

During this process you will also have to go to the Immigration office to record your bio-metric data, and your passport will be kept by immigration office until the process is finished around 7 days to 10 days. So, traveling abroad during this KITAS/ITAS process is not possible, but domestic travelling is permitted without passport in your hand.

Many people think that KITAS is working permit, but actually work permit is IMTA that's issued by Ministry of Manpower, while KITAS or ITAS is a Limited stay permit that's issued by Immigration Office.

3. MERP / Multiple Entry and Re-Entry Permit
With this document, you can exit and re-enter Indonesia with the same limited stay permit. It is valid as long as your KITAS.

Processing time: 7 days

After this KITAS / ITAS process is finished, then we will continue processing the other documents as below:

1. Police Report Certificate (STM)
Issued by Police Department

2. Expatriate Registration Report (LK TKA)
Issued by Labor Office

3. Temporary Domicile Card (SKTTS)
Issued by Population and Civil Registration Office

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