Information : Extension of Work Permits & Stay Permits ( KITAS )


The process of extending your work permit, KITAS, and other documents is almost similar to that of getting the new ones.

Our consultants will send you a friendly reminder email to start preparing for your extension at least 2 months before the expiration date of your IMTA, KITAS and other documents to make sure that none of your documents are expired.

For extension, however, you will not need to exit Indonesia and obtain another limited stay permit (VITAS). This exemption is only applicable for the holders of a 12-months work permit (IMTA) and limited stay permit card (KITAS/ITAS).

You cannot extend a 6-months IMTA and KITAS. If you are a holder of these documents, before their expiration you will need to do a renewal process, and in advance of the renewal, you will need to exit Indonesia as a part of an Exit Permit Only (EPO) procedure.