Family KITAS or Dependent KITAS ( Index visa C317 )

Family KITAS or Dependent KITAS ( Index visa C317 )

Family KITAS or Dependent KITAS ( Index visa C317 )


This Family KITAS can be obtained in 2 ways:

  1. By foreigners married to Indonesian citizen. The Indonesian spouse is acting as a sponsor
  2. By Accompanying your spouse who is working in Indonesia, then your family members will also have to obtain visa in order to stay in Indonesia with index visa is C317 with sponsorship is your present company.  If your wife and two children would like to join you without working, the company will have to apply for 4 KITAS.
    1. 1 Visa C312 for working for spouse who works in Indonesia.
    2. 3 Family or Dependent Visa C317 (for the family members).


Validity and Visa Conversion into KITAS:

This visa C317 is valid only upon your first arrival in Indonesia. Then this Visa C317 has to convert into KITAS and Multiple Re-entry Permit (MRP) maximum 30 days after your arrival in Indonesia. This KITAS and MRP can be used for:

  • As long as your spouse’s Work KITAS with maximum is 5 years.
  • Dependent or Family KITAS can be extended if your spouse is a KITAS holder of 7 months or more


Please be informed that Visa C317 (Dependent Visa) holders are prohibited to work during your stay in Indonesia.

Documents required to Obtain Family or Dependent KITAS (Spouse & Children):


  1. Company Sponsorship
  • Color Scan of Passport
  • Certificate of Marriage (In English Or Bahasa Indonesia)
  • Child Birth Certificate (In English Or Bahasa Indonesia)
  • Work Visa Approval (C312) Or KITAS Of your Spouse.
  • Sponsor Letter from Your Spouse’s Company.


  1. Indonesian Spouse Sponsorship
  • Copy of Kartu Keluarga of Indonesian spouse
  • Copy of KTP of Indonesian spouse
  • Copy of Birth Certificate of Indonesian spouse
  • A copy of marriage certificate or other document issued by Embassy, confirming marriage conclusion with Indonesian citizen
  • Bank account statement with minimum balance is IDR 20 million